In Defense of Crap

Neil Gaiman has said that his experience as a journalist helped him learn the importance of a deadline. This is much on my mind lately.

Someday is the gremlin that robs us of our work. He lazes on the backs of our couches, flipping nonchalantly through his Twitter feed, yawning and self-satisfied about “all the other things” that justify his existence. Someday.

But I think that Something must be done, and it must be done That Day, and that’s what I’m coming more and more to appreciate.

And what that Something is will often be a varietal of Crap, but it is Something and it appears on a very particular day: That Day.

So here is a varietal of Crap, This Thing, that I have posted Here. And it may not be worth much at all, but it is not Out There, with Someday.

And by not giving This Thing to Someday, I’ve starved the little bastard just a little bit.

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