Vocation and the Way of Beauty

From a blog I’ve started reading comes this wonderful introduction to the Artistic Vocation, one that asks the question:

…how can I act in ‘solidarity’ with the ‘common good’ and fulfill a personal vocation at the same time?

I like this passage especially well:

I saying that each person’s vocation is unique, what we are referring to is each person’s unique way of attaining those goods that are common to all of us. And if in essence our vocation itself is common, and if the essential relationships through which it is expressed our common, then we are necessarily in solidarity with each other as we pursue our own vocation.

And what does this have to do with beauty? Beauty is what we perceive when there is harmonious relationships, sometimes called ‘due proportion’. In the context of human relationships, that is the harmonious alignment of wills on behalf of another and it is called love. An education in beauty is an education in love. It will increase our natural instinct for acting in accordance with the common good for the benefit of all. It starts with God’s love for us, already assured, and the degree to which we respond in kind, through grace.


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